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Haglöf Sweden® manufactures a full range of precision measurement solutions for industry professionals, all over the world. Our company focus on combining tough exteriors with smart interiors to present solutions that are easy to use, packed with modern technology and that offer exceptional communication and compatibility skills.

Apart from the world’s largest selection of increment borer models, we offer various diameter caliper models, and several different hypsometers, rangefinders and other instruments and tools for forest survey, management, testing and control work.

Patented technology and long manufacturing know-how are keys to why Haglöf Sweden® is one of the most respected brand names in the business. Our products are developed and made in limited and quality assured series by our experienced teams. With a tight organization and close collaboration with operators, customers and branch experts, you can rely on Haglöf Sweden® products.

We maintain our leading position for professional measuring instrument – always in close collaboration with customers, industry, scientists and distributors.

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