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Memory capacity DigiCruise 8000 reg/DigiLog 2000 reg.
Processor Low power 32 bit Arm based processor.
Temperature Min -20° Max  60°C / Min -4° Max 140° F.
Power Source 1.5 voltage AA battery .Consumption: 20mW, app. 3 months work.
Buttons Enter, 2 arrow keys. Speed buttons: Turnoff and Escape.
Measuring system Technical: Electronic, non-contact. Jaws: Aluminum, detachable.
Measuring range From 500mm/18” to 950mm/36” (standard).
Weight 600 g/21.2 oz (500mm/18” size).
Display 8 segments, 4 digits.
Communication Wireless: Built-in Radio and IR.
Signal Built-in loudspeaker. Durability and classification:IP67, CE, EN 5008-1, EN 5
Durability and classification IP67, CE, EN 5008-1, EN 55011 Class B, EN 50082-2, EN 6100-4-2 Level 3.